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Aug 17, 2009 1:00am EDT
by immigration officials at the newark airport. some angry fans are burning american flags in india while others are marching with posters of shah rukh khan. the 44-year-old actor initially said he was detained for hours because his last name showed up on a computer alert list. immigration officials say it was just a routine stop. khan is now downplaying the incident while promoting his new movie about racial profiling in the post- 9/11. >>> who would possibly -- could possibly beat tiger woods? someone did today in a major tournament, believe it or not. (announcer) this is nine generations of the world's most revered luxury sedan. this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars... this is the world record for longevity and endurance. and one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the planet. this is the 9th generation e-class. this is mercedes-benz. >>> tiger woods has never lost a major tournament when he was leading at the start of the final round. well, that was until today. south korean ye yang beat tiger by three strokes.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1